Hello! Do you know about FreeTONshop? In short, this is the first official online store in Free TON. They sell merchandise in the style of the project and attract new users to the project through promotion. And now they are now demanding help in proposing new ideas for the design of new positions.

For more details:

For autumn 2021, a design for old positions or a design for new positions (which should also be invented) is required and must be implemented. For new positions, you can design for: cardigan or jacket with a zipper.

What’s the problem?

We cannot come up with a creative design for a new product / update an old one, so we would like to suggest that you do it.

What will you get as a gift?

If we choose your design, then you will receive 500 TON Crystal from the store as a gift.

By the way, earlier the store published a survey on choosing the color of new products, below you can see the color that won and it is in this color that new products are expected, you can adjust to it:

Information for designers: footer – 3 thread looped, color – blue, number 18-03

If you want to take part, you can send your application by personal message here

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