For those who do not know what TON Surf is, this is a multifunctional Free TON blockchain wallet that allows you to make transactions with your wallet (Free TON address) without registration.

What have the developers rolled out to us now?

In the updated version, the “Get Tokens” button has been added, which contains all the resources where you can “get” TON Crystal; fixed the error with the screen when entering the PIN code; created conditions for the application to be able to build staking charts, including some minor bugs fixed.

What has changed / added BRIEFLY:

  • The Get Tokens tab has appeared
  • Added the ability to build staking charts to show the dynamics of funds
  • The ability to see the name of the active network on the main screen.

What has been fixed and improved BRIEFLY:

  • Updated translations
  • Updated interface
  • Improved the Staking FAQ
  • Fixed other design bugs

If you are not yet familiar with the TON Surf wallet, then you should definitely take a course on the basics of Free TON on the Academy website at the link.

Also, it is highly advisable to study all the articles on our site dedicated to TON Surf.

For complete information on TON Surf updates, see the website.

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One reply on “Major TON Surf update | 6.1.3”

  • Ivan
    August 25, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    У меня почему-то лагает тон серф после обновления