Guys from SubGovernance Web & Design put forward such an idea for a contest to support the developers of sites / bots / other products for their work for the benefit of the community. The contest itself will be held in 2 stages:

In the first stage each member of the community can nominate their own or someone else’s product and briefly describe why this particular product is worth evaluating and rewarding (this is optional), it will also be great if the author’s contacts are presented.

Then, in the second stage, already nominated projects can be submitted in applications from developers and their creators.

According to the current proposal, 40,000 TON Crystal will be allocated for this contest. During the discussion, this number can change in any direction.

To learn more about the proposal, follow the link

It is also noted that if this competition becomes successful and necessary, then in the future this competition may become renewable and periodic.

UPD: the offer has been updated, now a product that has not been funded in the last 3 months can receive a reward.

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