On August 16, CEX.IO published on its blog the terms of a new promotion, which will last until August 22. The essence of the action is to correctly answer the questions of the quiz and get TON Crystal for it.

CEX.IO is one of the partners of the Free TON project. This is an exchange that allows you to exchange different digital currencies, such as bitcoin, ethereum, ton crystal and others, while simultaneously supporting fiat currencies such as: ruble, dollar, euro.

Now the guys have published the conditions for participation, among them the main ones:

  • Have a verified account at CEX.IO

If you have it, or you can do it, then you can become a full participant in the promotion.

Briefly about the most important thing:

There are 2 quizzes in total, each with 20+ questions that you need to answer. For each correct answer, you will receive 1 TON Crystal.

If you answer 10 questions correctly, you will receive 10 TON Crystal.

But if you answer all the questions correctly, then the maximum you can claim for 12 TON Crystal.

The total prize fund is 10,000 TON Crystal.

Hurry up to take part before it is used up. As soon as it is over, the quiz will end.

First quiz

Second quiz

To learn more about the terms of the promotion, follow the link.

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