FreeTONshop does not sleep, the contest has stirred up again, now your task is to create a sloganfor the store. You can come up with any slogan(within the bounds of decency) and take part in the contest, thereby winning useful gifts!

The conditions are extremely simple:

You need to subscribe to several channels of the store in the telegram, as well as join their chat and write a small slogan for the store on the forum. Also, an important condition is the repost of the contest in any telegram chat, where there are 100+ people. You will need to fix the repost with a screenshot and post it on the forum along with the motto.

A popular vote from 26 to 28 August will determine the winner with the best slogan.

And the winner will be awarded a special reward – the opportunity to place an order for 100 TON, consisting of any items that the winner will like.

You can take part in the competition until August 25, so hurry up! I think this is a great reason to get involved!

How to increase the chances of winning?

You can take part in the competition with 3 slogans (less is possible, more is impossible). If one of the 3 maximum slogans wins, then the person wins.

I wish you success!

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