One of the founding companies of Free TON, Broxus, has unveiled the second version of its decentralized platform TON Swap . The platform includes a decentralized protocol and automatic market making mechanism and runs on the Free TON blockchain.

TON Swap differs from other decentralized exchanges in its increased security, scalability and really low fees (usually less than 0.001% of the transaction amount).

The TON Swap developers have significantly improved the interface, improving existing functions and adding new ones. In particular, section with data on all assets that are on the platform appeared on the exchange website: their current price, price change (in percent), the volume of trades in 24 hours and the total volume of the blocked asset (TVL).

A total of 16 cryptoassets are currently supported on TON Swap. The Wrapped TON token has the highest TVL value – over $ 9.2 million, followed by USDT (over $ 6.1 million) and TON Bridge (over $ 3.7 million).

Another section has also appeared – with information about trading pairs (liquidity pools) . In addition to the same indicators as for assets (current price and trading volume), you can view data on liquidity and the amount of commissions collected by the pool over the last 24 hours, as well as see a list of the latest transactions in the pool.

Recall that earlier the TON Swap team launched a program to support startups through pharming. Several startups have already migrated to the platform – for example, the developer of a regulated stablecoin based on the euro – Stasis, as well as the NFT project dArtFlex.

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