The Free TON blockchain is developing despite many emerging problems, however, the biggest problem at the moment is the problem of lack of developers. In this regard, some technical solutions are not released on time and this slows down the technological process.

In SubGovernance Development & Experience seems to have come up with a scheme for attracting new guys to participate in competitions. A small PR group was created, which will popularize the project by placing various technical competitions on various platforms for programmers and developers. In return, they will receive up to 5% of the winnings of their invitees.

It would seem that the scheme is simple. However, despite a lot of efforts, it is quite difficult to attract many new developers to the project. And the guys from Influencers SG took over the solution to this problem. Initial members publish announcements of new contests for developers on a huge variety of resources, attracting them to the project with the hope that they will stay and continue to develop ingenious solutions.

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