Previously, we published a proposal for a contest from Design SubGovernance to support various products created for the benefit of the project and Free TON users.

This proposal was accepted and transferred to the contest. Let’s take a look at the terms, subject to changes:

The contest was created to support and motivate old and new creators of various products that can be presented in the form of a website, a bot in a telegram or some kind of debot. This contest should become a real competitive reason between teams and all in order to get the best products at the output. It is reported that if this contest goes well and there is a demand for it in the future, this contest will be repeated.

Very little effort is required to participate:

  • Provide a link to the project
  • Describe in detail what functions it performs and what community problems it solves
  • How long does this project work
  • And future plans for development

There is an important condition: the contest can accept works that have not received payments for this project in the last 3 months.

The total prize fund is 40,000 TON Crystals. There are no prizes, as the winnings will be divided based on:

  • number of jobs
  • average ratings

To read the terms, you need to follow the link.

And if you have a project and want to take part, you will follow this link

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