To put it simply, then pharming is earning income by storing cryptocurrencies on the account of exchanges, and if using conventional crypto-words, then it is earning income through the protocols of decentralized exchanges (DeFi).

And as you might have guessed, in Free TON, of course, you can make money on farming!

Today there have been incredibly big changes with the TON Crystals farming in the Free TON project.

Long-term investing appears (long-term pharming) – this is the same regular pharming, only without an end set end date. You will have the opportunity to replenish unlimited pools on TON Swap – that is, you can now farm absolutely without restrictions.

Most importantly, remember that pharming is a rather risky financial instrument. Know how to calculate entry / exit points, take volatile profits into account. This is very important!

Also among today’s news from the guys is the emergence of Vesting.

It is able to balance the increase in the speed of farming and TVL.

To start farming, follow the link:

An investigation article from Analytics & amp; Support SubGovernance about all Free TON initials – I definitely advise you to read!

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