Finally, the results of the DeCourse competition from Academy SubGovernance have become known, let’s analyze the main winners and briefly describe each of the courses, let’s go:

We have already talked about the conditions and tasks earlier in this article. Therefore, we will not dwell on this. Let’s analyze the top three works (with the highest score) from two competitions: courses in English and in a foreign language.

3rd place

The honorary 3rd place was taken by the work from the author WHITED35 – “CORE FREE TON BLOCKCHAIN ​​NETWORK CONCEPT.” The course is designed in English and is a voluminous course on the core and blockchain of the Free TON network. The questions about what decentralization is and about the operation of the Free TON network in general, how the network works, etc. have been discussed (I highly recommend it for beginners)

The work scored 9.16 points and deserves a round of applause!

2nd place

An honorable 2nd place was taken by the work from the author of KONSTANTIN – “KeePass – secure storage of passwords and seed-phrases.
The course is designed in Russian and is a small guide to secure storage and creation of passwords, including tips on secure storage of Seed-phrases. (Highly recommended for beginners)

The work scored 9.11 points and deserves a round of applause!

1st place

Honorary 1st place is taken by the work from the authors of SubGovernance Influencers – “Introduction to Free TON“. This is a very short course, but with comprehensive information on the first steps in the Free TON project. All the questions that every beginner may have are sorted out. Supported by a whole team from SubGovernance Influencers (and they know their stuff for sure)!
This course is extremely important if you are just getting acquainted with the Free TON project.

The work scored 9.42 points and becomes an exceptional winner based on the ratings of 2 contests!

In principle, these are the 3 works that scored the highest number of points, if you are interested in finding out the winners in each of the competitions, then you can do it yourself by going to the site of this SubGovernance (Academy) –

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