FreeTONshop is again looking for creative people to create something new. This time they came up with a competition, the essence of which is to find or create a new design for a special event that will take place in Malta from 16 to 18 November 2021.

Since some active freetoners have a desire to take part in this event, it became necessary to create a new design, especially for this event.

What is it all for? Why not use regular merchandise?

We are supposed to show the unity of our overall team – the Free TON community and the fact that we easily adapt to any situation and are ready to speak at any event in a very short time!

When does the contest end?

  • Applications are accepted until September 15 inclusive. Hurry up!

How will the winner be selected?

  • A special vote will be held among the active project freelancers and among those who will take part in the AIBS Malta event.

And most importantly, what kind of reward will the winner receive?

  • According to the voting results, the winner will receive 500 TON Crystals

Time has passed. Quicker. Send requests to telegram

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