In the not too distant past (2017), exactly 10,000 characters from “Cryptopunks” pixel graphics were released and from a starting price of $ 1 to today they were able to grow to $ 350,000! least! The largest sale was nearly $ 12 million! Just think about these numbers and what X you could get!

In this regard, the Free TON community will be able to get their hands on their CryptoPunks today!

The collection features 10,000 (completely unique) punk characters, including one secret punk that will surprise you a lot!

To get a punk, you need to mince him. This is a paid action and will only cost you 200 TON Crystal.

Pay attention! When minting, there is a random order of new characters in the smart contract!

Interesting information:
Anyone who mints punk number # 224 will be able to sell it to the creator of the project for $ 5000 right away!

The project also provides a referral program and a marketplace where you can sell your punks.

For more information, go to the project website

Become one of the owners of unique punk characters and maybe one day he will enrich you as much as possible!

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