So we finally waited for the start of the 2nd stage of the course creation contest from Academy SubGovernance.

Stage 2 has approached the start with new changes and ambitions, let’s figure out what has changed:

  • Probably one of the most unexpected (but also correct) decisions is that in the second (and in subsequent) stages it will not be possible to submit old courses. But after talking a little with the administrators of the competition, it was decided that it is still possible to send, but for this it is necessary to make some improvements to the course and increase its volume. And when submitting an application, be sure to indicate what has been changed / added. This is the only way to add the old course from the previous stages.
  • A very cool addition that was missing in stage 1 – now for having 10+ pictures in the course, you will receive an additional 0.2 points when making a calculation prize money.
  • A condition has also been added regarding the uniqueness of the materials of your course: from now on you can submit only courses in which the uniqueness of the text is at least 75% (but if the uniqueness is less than 75% and you can prove the authorship of the missing 25%, then you can participate).
  • You must have 5 or more students to earn Technical Points for Online Support in Phases 2 and beyond.
  • Cool addition: now you are for advertising your course. you can get +1 technical point.

Basically, these are all the most important changes in stage 2. Our team believes that conditions have now more than improved. We highly recommend taking part in this competition. Everyone has a chance. We will also release our course soon, if you are interested in what it will be about – subscribe to our social networks and wait for news from us!

By the way, you can upload your application here:

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