Members of the Free TON testnet, Rustnet, set a throughput record with 64,000 transactions per second.

According to Dmitry Goroshevsky, CTO of TON Labs, this speed was recorded on August 31, at about 21:00 Moscow time. At that time, about 150 validators were active on the testnet. They were located in the same data center, but they did not have any special conditions for Internet connection. At the same time, a comparable speed of the test blockchain (about 55,000 tps) was preserved even when external validators located around the world were connected to the testnet.

The Rustnet testnet was deployed as part of the Rust Cup competition , the purpose of which was to test the operability and efficiency of the new Free TON node client, written in the Rust language. The competition ended on September 1, and it was declared successful. Gradually, all Free TON validators will move to a new, more efficient and stable version of the node.

Such high speed became possible thanks to the technology multithreading – the ability of the workchain (shards) to execute several dozen smart contracts in parallel. Thanks to this, it is possible to bypass such restrictions as the speed of the Internet connection or the power of the processor of the validator.

At the time the record was set, 10 workchains were running in Rustnet, each with 32 threads. Goroshevsky said that this record is not a “limit” for Free TON: the current network configuration makes it easy to increase the number of threads in one workchain from 32 to 64.

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