Who could have known that gambling addiction will reach Free TON so soon? Here she is already here. The accumulative jackpot, which is collected from each lottery, will easily rattle your excitement!
The low cost of the ticket allows everyone to take part and try their luck. Absolute transparency, which is provided by the Free TON network.
Why don’t you try to buy a ticket right now and be among the first lottery winners?

The ticket price is only 10 TON Crystal.

A special random number generator will generate a ticket and that’s it, you’re in the game. The more tickets you buy, the higher your chance of winning!

Ticket sales end at 23:00 UTC and a draw is taking place. A new round starts at 00:00 UTC.

The more digits of your ticket match the digits generated by the debot, the higher your winnings.

You can buy up to 50 tickets at a time, maybe this is a sign, who knows? – The decision is yours!

To participate and purchase a ticket, as well as to read the full terms and conditions, follow the link (TON Surf).

To keep abreast of all the news, you can subscribe to the official lottery channel. (for Russian speakers).

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