In the main governance, which included a certain number of members (initials), 8 more were added, and inactive members were excluded, now the composition is completely renewed and active. Ready for work. Let’s take a look at the new members:

1. Chatex. P2P service for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, which uses a Telegram bot for operations. Chatex was one of the first services to implement trade in TON Crystal coins .

2. Origin Labs. The development team that worked on the Dune Network blockchain project. In February of this year, both communities voted to merge the two networks, and eventually Dune Network became part of Free TON. In addition, Origin Labs founded and actively participates in the Formal methods sub-management.

3. Warp Capital. A hedge fund specializing in cryptocurrencies has invested a large amount of capital in the Free TON project, having bought, according to Filatov, “tens of millions” of TON Crystal coins.

4-5. Two Free TON communities in South Korea that promote the project to Korean users and manage validator depots project network. One of the teams is also actively looking for Free TON partners among large Korean companies.

6. GrandBazar. The team behind the eponymous NFT marketplace , which quickly became the leader in the NFT segment in the Free TON ecosystem. In addition, Grandbazaar has invested heavily in the validator infrastructure. The members of this team play an important role in the development of the Free TON Academy project.

7. Vietnamese SubGovernance. One of the largest Free TON subdivisions, with several thousand members in the chat. This community is actively involved in public campaigns. For example, its members contributed heavily to the vote to include TON Crystal as an asset available for staking on the Staking Rewards platform.

8. GDA Capital. First active Free TON member from North America. Together with the Free TON DeFi Alliance, this fund runs a startup competition , which started on September 6 and will end on December 6. According to Alexander Filatov, GDA Capital is in the process of acquiring TON Crystal coins worth about $ 2 million, and also plans to participate in staking and farming on Free TON.

Each of the new members of the Main Governance will receive 1 million TON Crystal coins, which will be blocked until the stage of “sustainable development”.

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