At the end of August, another AMA session was held with the team of one of the most popular wallets for TON Crystal coins – Surf. Service representatives spoke about their plans for the near future. Here’s a retelling of the AMA’s key claims (see the full video below).

  • Surf developers are planning to fix the Surf wallet “activation” mechanic. Now the user needs to send 1 TON Crystal to the new address to start using it. Soon this “activation” procedure will not be needed: the wallet will be automatically activated in a few seconds after its creation.
  • In the near future, Surf will have full support for True NFT technology. This means that if a user buys any NFT on some external resource that supports True NFT, then this token will instantly, without any additional actions on the part of the user, be displayed in his Surf wallet. Thus, under True NFT, only the recipient’s blockchain address is needed to transfer NFT tokens. At the same time, the “True” prefix is ​​relevant, because when using this technology, a token is created, stored, managed and transmitted entirely in the blockchain.
  • The TON Surf team plans to strengthen its staking service, which is available in the application interface. This will add up to an additional 15% per annum to the current yield.

Besides Surf, there is at least one more popular wallet for tokens on the Free TON blockchain – Crystal Wallet .

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