With the advent of the new Cryptography SubGovernance, 3 new contests immediately appeared. Perhaps very soon they will be accepted and you can take part in them

  1. FreeTON Cryptography SubGovernance Jury Contest
    Recruitment of new jury members who will evaluate the applications of the contestants, as well as vote for new proposals and participate in the active life of the Cryptography SubGovernance.
  2. Rollup Verification Support
    Create and deliver an efficient EdDSA solution for Ed25519 signatures with a recently presented guide that allows you to validate zk rolls of external protocols inside TVM.
  3. Crypto3- Blueprint library to TVC compilation
    Contributors should write code to fix crypto3-blueprint ( GitHub – NilFoundation ) and its dependencies, as well as a C ++ compiler so that a C ++ smart contract that uses this library can be compiled and run. It is recommended to use template repository as a base.

Complex technical tasks are presented, however, rewards for effective solutions are guaranteed. The total prize pool of all contests in Cryptography SG is approximately 5,000,000 TON Crystals.

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