Finally, the most anticipated course in the second stage appeared. A technically improved and translated course in English, by popular demand, has already been published on the Academy website and you can start taking it right now!

For those who are not familiar with this course, in a few words:

This course is entirely for the very beginners of the project. It tackles the critical questions and concerns that regular newbie users might have. There are answers to the questions that arose among ourselves. And we have been in the project for over a year, therefore we know a lot and we have a lot to tell about. If you are a beginner, I highly recommend that you take this course before you get to know the project yourself!

What has been done in 2nd stage?

  • The course was completely translated from Russian into English
  • Information was updated based on geolocation
  • The presentation of the material was improved: welcome – video accompaniment! In this course, you will see some of the lessons in two formats: text + video.

Take a course in Russian
Take a course in English

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