What are or who are custodians? – in simple terms, these are some financial agents who have the right to perform the functions of keeping securities without conducting transactions.

But surely you may be wondering what kind of securities we can talk about, if we have a crypto world here and there are no securities here, only coins and tokens.

In fact, everything is simple here too.

Let’s imagine a decentralized network (Free TON). It has givers (wallets that hold all the blockchain coins and are handed out to users for their huge contribution to the development of the project) and for these givers to work, you need someone to manage them. That is, people who are ready to sign transactions of ready-made and formulated proposals.

In this case, they will be the custodians. They have the right to add new offers / competitions, sign (accept) them, and also may not sign them.

There was news in Free TON that at the moment there is a change in the custodians of the main giver. In this regard, payments for tenders are still suspended at the time of the change.

Replenishment of new custodians is expected soon. Subscribe to us in social networks and stay tuned, we will soon publish the names of new custodians!

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