Today (September 17), participants who were on the waiting list began to receive messages in TON Surf with an invitation to join the Security Card beta testing group.

Security Card is something similar to a hardware wallet, but much better and more technologically advanced. This is an NFC card, it is designed to store the private key from TON Surf, thanks to this, the user gets access to his TON Surf wallet.

Of interesting facts, we can note the moment that the volume of this card is 120 kb and the information on it is rewritable, that is, the user himself decides what to store on this card. The dimensions of this card are commensurate with a regular bank card: 85.6 mm × 53.98 mm × 0.76 mm. For developers, data confidentiality and safe storage are priorities. It is reported that the master password (seed phrase) will never leave the card. The card is tied to the wallet from which the order was made and can be activated only for the wallet from which the order was made.

For the first 1000 people who order the card, there will be a 50% discount.
Minimum order – 2 pcs.
The total order amount will be 102 TON.
At the end of beta testing, the card will cost 50 TON

Our team is going to order a similar seed card soon. If you also want to order, then first of all, the seed-cards of the wait-list participants are drawn up.

Add to the list and expect the cherished message…

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