FreeTONshop is the first official Free TON store. They sell products under the brand of the project, namely, merchandise clothing, various souvenirs, as well as many other products (partners of Free TON).

Many would like, but not many know that in the FreeTONshop you can get almost any product for FREE, want to know how? – Read the article below 👇

FreeTONshop – the first official store of Free TON!

How to get a product for free?

  1. Participate in various contests and promotions that are held almost every day.
    Indeed, in contests and promotions, you can easily win a product, given also the low competition due to low activity. Therefore, there is no competition yet = rather take part and get your gifts for the victory!
    Secretly, they have a lot of contests on Instagram now, where they play a whole mountain of gifts, don’t miss it!
  2. Be an active member of Telegrams -channel and chat.
    Guys often conduct various surveys among subscribers and buyers to improve their service and for completing surveys, as a rule, they give points that can be spent in the future (more on this below in the article).
  3. Participate in quizzes.
    For correct answers to questions, you also get points. And to participate, you just need to answer correctly as soon as possible.

What are the points?

Channel administrators encourage their freetoners for various active actions. These points can be exchanged in the Sea Battle game. This is a store game where everyone who has 5 points or more can try their luck by opening a cell of the 10×10 field. (the game takes place on Thursdays).
If you are super-active, then in a week you can get enough points to open 2-3 cells! And this, by the way, is a huge chance of winning.
Of 100 slots – 45 of them contain various prizes.

If you also want to earn points, then rather go to the channel in the telegram (for Russian-speaking, for English-speaking), find the poll published today (24 oct) and answer 1 question, for which you will subsequently receive up to 7 points!

I wish you the best of luck with the “Sea Battle” on Thursday!

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